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We warmly welcome you into our wonderful community at Yoga Upstairs. Our compassionate and skilled teachers offer individualized yoga instruction to help guide your personal exploration of yoga. Please come to class with an empty stomach, loose comfortable clothing and an open heart and mind.

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We offer various styles of yoga classes, which include; gentle, hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa flow, restorative and basic yoga. Besides the physical aspect of yoga, which helps to steady and quiet the mind, some of our classes offer a period of silent meditation. We also provide classes which are suitable for beginners and seniors. Our yoga workshops and events provide the opportunity for students to deepen their practice and experience our diverse community.

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What Our Students Say

Yogo Upstairs has a wonderful personal feel to it, rather than a cold corporate feel. There's no pressure to show off. My instructor, Shondra, has great energy and keeps a close eye on everyone in the class so we do things correctly and don't injure ourselves.


Steve Lampert - Google Review

There seem to be two types of yoga studios in the world. The gigantic chain studios such as Yogaworks and smaller community focused studios. Personally I prefer a smaller, welcoming space to practice my Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga. Yoga Upstairs is a great smaller studio with helpful instructors and an awesome selection of yoga props for you to use. I am so glad I found this studio and look forward to more classes here in the future.

James Peters - Google Review

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