The Yoga Upstairs Story

We would like to introduce ourselves—we are Cara Sorkin and Sri Hari R Moss, founders and directors of Yoga Upstairs.

Over the years our yoga practice has equipped us with techniques and tools to fully enjoy our lives. We have active lives complete with family, friends and work, yet we have found—and you may, too—that a regular practice provides the energy and peace of mind we may need in our hectic lives.

Come join our community and find the tools to help you on your journey.

Our Mission

To  create a sacred space to grow and experience the joy of yoga.

Our compassionate and highly skilled teachers offer individualized instruction. They are equipped to guide you in your personal exploration of yoga. Start where you are and come with an open mind, empty stomach, wear loose comfortable clothing and enjoy your practice.

Our Studio

Our studio has bamboo floors, natural light and yoga rope walls. The studio has ample props: mats, blankets, belts, bolsters, blocks, sand bags and chairs.

Here at Yoga Upstairs, we inspire happy, healthy lives, and warmly welcome you into our wonderful yoga community!

Our History

Eloise Buckner Hydro-colon therapist, Nutritionist, and Director of Therapy Services Plus, wanted to bring yoga to the community and offer yoga practice as a complimentary modality for services already offered in her clinic (in operation for twenty-five years).

She arranged to accommodate Cara Sorkin in a small yoga room at the same time she offered a treatment room to Shiatsu therapist Sri Hari Moss. Over time Cara and Sri Hari both certified yoga instructors, formed a partnership based on their commitment to wellness and love of yoga. They combined efforts and individual spaces to created the expanded yoga studio, Yoga Upstairs.

Yoga Upstairs is Part of Therapy Services Plus
818 707 2139 • Eloise Buckner • Clinical Director of Therapy Services Plus And Certified Colon-Hydro Therapist • Colon-Hydro Therapy Decreases Toxicity • Improves Immune System Function • Enhances Digestion • Circulation • Energy Flow • Reduces Side Effects of Medical Treatment • Therapy Services Plus is a comprehensive health clinic with services that include Hydro-Colon Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine and Reiki