November 16, 2015

Thanks for Giving: Feed Those in Need with Yoga


The holiday season is here! Next week, you’ll be busy preparing for one of our nation’s favorite celebrations: Thanksgiving.

We’ll soon come together to share cherished time and a more than plentiful meal with our loved ones– all in the spirit of giving, abundance, and connection.

But what about those who don’t have this kind of holiday luxury? Those who can’t see their families, much less share a special meal with them?

At Yoga Upstairs, we’re blessed to be able to share the over abundance of this holiday with those in need in a super simple way– and you can help. With every Facebook check-in at Yoga Upstairs during this month, you’ll provide a meal for a child refugee through our studio partnership with Sweat Angels.

Just by coming to your yoga classes, and checking in at Yoga Upstairs, you become a Sweat Angel– it’s that easy for you to make an instant positive difference in the world. Through November, Sweat Angels is giving to the The Hunger Site.

sweat angels nov

*Note: If you haven’t noticed it in our studio, there’s a small video kiosk letting you know which cause YU + Sweat Angels are contributing towards through your check-ins.

All month, your check-ins help bring food to the tables of displaced Burmese refugee children. These children live in boarding houses due to an ongoing civil war in the region. Parents send their kids to distant boarding schools in rural provinces of Thailand “in [an] effort to further their education and avoid the risks of unsafe child labor.”

Read more about how The Hunger Site helps to Protect & Feed Burma’s Schoolchildren, and their partnership with Sweat Angels.

Thank you for everything you do, for giving, for the difference you make to your loved ones, and the people around the world who need your help.

With supreme gratitude and love,

The Yoga Upstairs Family

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